We offer a variety of wellness exams for pets at any life stage.

  • Puppy and Kitten Wellness Exams – We love puppies and kittens! Our technicians and veterinarians do a great job of educating you on general puppy and kitten topics and preventative medicine. Your puppy and/or kitten may qualify for a complimentary exam – Contact us to learn how!
  • Routine Health and Senior Examinations, Vaccines and Medicine –All pets are thoroughly examined and vaccinated when necessary.
  • Geriatric Care – Your older pet is important to us! We want to help your pet age gracefully and comfortably, and identify problems early in routine care and diagnostics. Please fill out this senior dogcat checklist for your next appointment.

Wellness Screenings 

  • Our pets can’t speak and often will instinctively mask symptoms and signs of illness or pain. We recommend a full body examination with bloodwork (cbc/chem) for your pet every year. If your pet has a health condition that needs monitoring, your veterinarian may recommend you bring your pet in more frequently for check-ups and/or diagnostics based on what your pet may have.