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Euthanasia & Cremation Services

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Euthanasia & Cremation Services

Euthanasia & Cremation Services

Making the decision to relieve a pet’s suffering with euthanasia is a difficult one. At Skyline Veterinary Clinic, our veterinarians and staff are committed to supporting families during this process. Quality of Life Scoring Tools Our euthanasia services are available only at the clinic, and we do offer several options for general or private cremation … Read moreEuthanasia & Cremation Services

Advanced Diagnostics


Diagnostic services allow us to take a closer look at the internal workings of your pet and can assist our veterinarians in determining any underlying conditions. Skyline Veterinary Clinic has the most current tools to help us make an accurate diagnosis so we can effectively treat and prevent medical issues. In-House Laboratory Our in-house laboratory … Read moreAdvanced Diagnostics

Surgical Services

Surgical Services

Skyline Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of routine surgical services, including spay/neuter, lump/tumor biopsy and removal, hernia repair and declawing. Our veterinarians are also skilled in cystotomy, splenectomy, abdominal exploratory and other advanced soft tissue surgeries. We understand that it can be stressful when your pet needs surgery. The skilled, experienced veterinarians and staff at … Read moreSurgical Services

Pocket Pet Care


Pocket pets might be small, but they are also mighty and they deserve – like humans and more conventional pet companions – the best of care.  At Skyline Veterinary Clinic, we are happy to see your small mammal exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice. Bringing Your Small Pet to the VetWe recognize that … Read morePocket Pet Care


Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating your pet is a relatively inexpensive but essential way to protect his or her health. In addition to preventing many life-threatening illnesses, vaccinations can prevent diseases prevalent in wildlife and those that can be passed to humans. It’s important to administer vaccinations when pets are puppies and kittens because their young immune systems are still … Read moreVaccinations