Skyline Veterinary Clinic

920 N. 204th Ave
Elkhorn, NE 68022


About Skyline Veterinary Clinic in Elkhorn, Nebraska


Skyline Veterinary Clinic opened our doors in 2016, with a desire to serve the blossoming Elkhorn community.  Choosing the location at 204th Street and Highway 6 was easy, as the vision for the surrounding area was for continued growth.  Dr. BJ Ravnsborg and Dr. Joanne Gaines partnered together to open Skyline, and also Walnut Creek Veterinary Clinic in 2008, where Dr. Ravnsborg practices. Dr. Gaines owns Ridgeview Animal Hospital, and Skyline Veterinary Clinic used existing hospital layout and operational systems to get started.

Dr. Ravnsborg has a connection to the area through his years at Elkhorn Animal Hospital and also residing with his wife Michelle in Elkhorn. So along with Adam Gaines, husband of Dr. Gaines, and two staff members, the clinic took off.  Adam manages Ridgeview and Walnut Creek as well, and we are very blessed with a fantastic staff, that truly cares about all of the pets that come through the doors, and excel at taking care of our clients.  Their passion goes beyond our walls, assisting with area rescue groups.

As Skyline continues to grow, our focus is on maintaining our level of service, doing it with a smile, and offering a personal touch to our clients.  If you are new or considering Skyline Veterinary Clinic, we look forward to meeting you and working with you on the health of your four-legged family member, and to our existing clients, we say "Thank you!" for your support and patronage!

"Giving your pets the care they deserve!"

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